fredag 20 februari 2009


Lahlah I'm loosing it completely. 18 hours left til the physics test. I'm feeling proppet on wavelenghts and photons and what you will.
I'm regretting my stupid choice to give in to the hunger and eating a sandwich before the workout, planned to happen... now. No but seriously, I hate going to the gym when all the treadmills are taken. Because the only reason I go is to run for an hour on the treadmill. So whats the point when that's impossible?
Especially when the dumbasses on those are people completely incapable of running. They either walk, probably imagining that they're actually burning calories, or running way faster than they're supposed to for a minute and then panting for ten and redoing the procedure.
Anyway. The caffeine is setting in.
Okay so this lovely evening is gonna be
  • 1700 - 1830workout
  • 1830--- home, physics. Again. Until my eyes bleed.
  • ---0600 sleep

Yeah. No time to wash my hair for tomorrow.

fredag 9 januari 2009


I don't really have any strong role models other than my parents. I believe that it is this lack of role models that demoralize today's youth, at least in Sweden, but I doubt this phenomena to be unique.
The easiest thing in the world would be grounding core values at school because children go there an average 6 hours a day for ten to fourteen years. Such values to be executed by respected and idolized teachers would be a change in society, in my belief. I have had a million teachers all throughout my youth, If I count in all my trainers and piano tutors, those potential role models are countless. Sadly, only two have made an impression on me, only one being admirable. By admirable I do not mean symphatic - I mean worth admiration. Because this lady, dr Drake, was truly unique in every way.
Her goal was unlike most school teachers to teach a group of students how to write - not scribble - but actually write readble texts. About anything, because we went through and reviewed everything from Dante to post modern Jeanette Winterson. Also, are trait rarely found in people in Sweden, she was very open about her opinions and beliefes and encouraged us to discuss and defend ours. Her uniqueness turned heads in sense of style and talk and walk and look. And for teaching us to create our unique best in every aspect of life, I'll be forever grateful.

Pale Girl in the elevator

loosely on diversity

Diversity is a a broad idea which can be applied to most situations. Diversity can be found in the colors of the rainbow or the different types of bread at the local super market, but the up to date, crucial issue of diversity is the ethnical one. Stockholm is the biggest city in the country that I live in, and almost every single nationality is represented. Some are more frequently seen than others, but I've met both Soth Africans and Tobagoans. There is definately a diversity to be found, the question is how it is handled.
Diversity isn't a self going complex that just works, it's a machinery that needs an amount of handling. The way it is handled decides the outcome. The differences between people shouldn't be played downn, because we are all unique. We shouldn't try to turn ourselves into others and other into us - an idea that should be applied in other fields of life to. The differences, the uniqueness is what makes us people and not machines and the diversity is what makes the biologic diversity in the human race.
What we should do though is treat each other the way we deserve - with compassion and empathy and if we treat somebody badly the reason to it should always be free from racial issues.

Home early

I just had math today and I hate the fact that the only subject that actually mattered to me - math; I got a VG in. All the other unimportant stuff I get top grades but not math. Na-ah. Anyway I felt like shopping the depression off so I bought some work out gear for my dad.

And also, I bought permanent hair color. Because I do not want to be blonde.

torsdag 8 januari 2009

Hibernation Blues

" If you live in the north, in places where the sun is an unreliable companion for many months, you can’t escape the urge to hide and hoard in winter"

NY Times

Time to go to school or what

God is history repeating itself. When my dad used to have friends in need of legal advice they'd always turn to him. He's not a lawyer and doesn't play with that in his job (it's all about technology) so he just knows what an Avarage Joe should. Or an Avarage Svensson. But obviously the avarage knowledge is zero. Seriously, one of my friends is having small panick attacks because her boss doesn't allow her to stay home sick. So she works with pretty severe fever which isn't really legal. And then another one is getting screwed by the school's beaurocracy just because he doesn't know what he is legally entitled to.

Anyway we just got the new Newsweek. I so hope there's someting by George Will in it. Because yeasterday while waiting for to run again I read all the columns he's written for Newsweek and I still think that he's the best journalist/author/writer ever. EVERR.